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Every golfer gets frustrated on the course at some time, even Tiger Woods. Nothing is more irritating than hitting a ball fat and coming up short on a bulk headed green.

Or what about slicing a ball so far right that your ball ends up in someone's yard, or on a roof top? What is frustrating is the fact that you know you can make the shot if you just had a free mulligan.

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Golf Etiquette Tips (0)

11/11/13 •

There are plenty of rules in golf that players have to heed. Whether they are written rules set forth by the PGA (Professional Golf Association) or the golf course, or rules that are considered golf etiquette, golf rules are set … read more…

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Common Rules You Should Know (0)

8/26/13 •

Golf has a long and venerable history, and a great body of rules has grown up around the game. As a golfer, you can understand why. What do you do when your ball goes in the water, when you hit … read more…

Clubs for Beginning Women Golfers (0)

6/09/13 •

Learning to play golf can be intimidating for anyone, and for women it can be particularly difficult to get up the nerve on that first tee and hit the ball. The best thing to do for women learning the game … read more…

Five Tips to Lower Your Golf Score (0)

5/06/13 •

Golf can be a complicated game, but the good news is that sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Developing a preshot routine before you address the ball can help your consistency, and getting rid of those long … read more…

Golf Articles – The All-Important Takeaway (0)

3/31/13 •

The takeaway is the first part of the backswing in golf. A good takeaway and backswing will allow you to coil your body so that you can unleash the power you need to achieve the distance you want in your … read more…